We help you find your purple cow - something that’ll give you a notable advantage in customer acquisition.


Establish outbound marketing processes in your business, from lead generation to CRM and calendar management.


Prepare your presentation, financial model, valuation analysis, and capital structure to successfully raise capital.

Strategy for early to mid-stage companies

Trusted by Startups and Fortune 1000 Companies

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We believe our longevity in this industry and our repeat business are positive proof of our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients











Supporting Businesses at Every Stage…

We specialize in strategy and operational consulting. Specifically, our focus is fundraising, growth, go to market and operational strategy for high-growth companies that need help with bandwidth issues and business advisory.

Fidelman & Co. supports businesses 100% remotely.

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Depth of Capabilities

A Side By Side Comparison

Fidelman & Company Traditional Consulting Staffing OutSourcing Gig Economy
accenture-logo adecco-logo wipro-logo upwork-logo
Customization and Velocity Custom Team and Fast Ramp Standardized Team and Slow Ramp Individual and Fast Ramp Standardized Team and Slow Ramp Individual and On Demand
Talent and Skill High High Low Low/Medium Medium
Deliverable Strategy, operations, and execution Strategy and execution Temp workers for execution Executed business function Access to candidates for hire
Level of Service High Touch, High Curation High touch, High curation Medium touch, Low curation Medium touch, Medium curation Low touch, Low curation
Cost Medium High Medium Low Low

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CFC Insurance

Fidelman & Company’s expertise in Management Consulting, Strategy, and Operations, successfully established CFC Insurance, providing advisory from licensing, business development, to the ultimate sale.


Fidelman & Company’s Expertise in Capital Investor Presentation, Financial Modeling, and Business Advisory sets Sidekick, a cloud-based marketplace for SAAS products and resources, up for success in the market and with investors.


Fidelman & Company’s Expertise in Capital Investor Presentation, Financial Modeling, Valuation and Business Advisory prepared Instalend, a real estate debt crowdfunding platform, with a strong foundation to raise their Series A funding round.

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