What our

Clients say about us

Fidelman and the team brings the know-how, experience, commitment, consideration, and empathy exactly when we needed for what we needed the most in a surgical manner.

Ken, Founder

Fidelman completes assignments on time, is easy to work with and brings an enthusiasm along with reliable expertise that makes the process actually pleasant.

Lyn - Founder, Still Standing

Fidelman was a great advisor for us, prepared us for pitching our company in US: improve our pitch deck, catch all specific cultural difference and improve our financial datasheet.

Fred - CEO, Expert Teleportation

Fidelman was instrumental in securing the seed round for my startup. They formalized the financial model, helped streamline our pitch deck, advised on the investor structure, and provided coaching for investor meetings.”

Veronica - Co-Founder, Sweat Vacay

Fidelman brought some very useful insights to my start-up business when we were seeking our initial round of funding. Jeffrey was a pleasure to work with and always thought of ways to add value beyond what was asked of him.

Avery - CEO, UCapture

If you are looking for a virtual CFO or fundraising support, I would highly recommend you consider Fidelman.

Mathew - CEO, SAAVHA

Fidelman helped me better understand my own vision of where to go and how to navigate from a high level. Jeffrey also was able to find the right people and do market research for me so I could get a clear picture of the competitive landscape.

James - Co-Founder, SMS Live

Working with Fidelman led to several quick and profound breakthroughs in our startup’s strategy and business plan. Their combined deep experience in market analysis and VC funding changed our focus and quickly galvanized our financial plan. I loved working with Jeffrey: he worked quickly and efficiently, was engaged and responded to our needs quickly.

Craig - Director of Operations

Fidelman was instrumental in the creation of my company – Sweat Vacay. Jeffrey worked with me and my team on our financial modeling and on our pitch deck. He was so flexible, patient, and explained things until we were sure we understood. He helped us to cull down and clean up our deck.

Lauren - Co-Founder, Sweat Booker

Fidelman and the team brings the know-how, experience, commitment, consideration, and empathy exactly when we needed for what we needed the most in a surgical manner.

Ken - Kindwell (fka HKF Technologies)

Fidelman was able to quickly intake and appreciate what we were doing, offer insight and suggestions and help transform our financials into value for our investors.

Doug - CEO, Sidekick

Fidelman is an extraordinary resource for new business founders that quickly grasped all aspects of the FreeRoots platform and worked with us to build a financial model that fully reflected them. The cap table and pitch deck Fidelman also helped us construct have earned rave reviews from just about everyone who’s seen them.

Eric - Co-Founder, FreeRoots

Fidelman built a VERY robust cash flow model that enabled us to identify pitfalls in our expense ratios, test the elasticity of our revenue curve, and hone in on our break-even point. It took into account multiple factors such as the annual ebb and flow of real estate sales cycle, various ramp-up scenarios, and the tipping point at which critical market adoption would occur.

Michael - Sr Account Manager, Fannie Mae

As an external advisor Fidelman dived deep into our product offering to better understand the value the Cavewire software offers its clients. Fidelman played a key role in helping us value our company the Cave Group, working with our board to model the market opportunity.

Ryan - Founder, Cavewire